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با سلام خدمت دوستان و همراهان همیشگی سایت طراح محصول، در این پست می توانید سری اول مجله های نظامی را از سرور های پر سرعت سایت طراح محصول دانلود نمایید.

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صندلی یا جعبه کمک های اولیه یا براندکار

Designer : Jeongguk Lee

Bench Stretcher by Jeongguk Lee

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Boat Blade

  Designers: Gangyoon Chang, HoYeon Kim, Kiwon Lee & Jiman Lee

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Flexi-Safety Light Can Be Arranged In May Ways

Designer : David Gatfield

Flexi-Safety Light by David Gatfield

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Level Heading Stretcher

Skiing, trekking, rock climbing and all the similar thrills that the mountains provide also come with the high risk of accidents. The rescue operations of such victims demand specialized equipments that can tackle the unique challenges posed by a mountainous terrain. The Seesaw stretcher is a smart yet simple solution that seems to have the agility to adopt to such demanding conditions.

Designers: Jeon Youngwon & Jeong Eunji

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Cute Baby Popsicle

Love this Popsicle Baby Thermometer for infants. The intuitive shape makes them what to lick it and put it in the mouth. The exact reason why this concept will work! Kudos for an intelligent solution, what do you think?

Designers: Hsing Min and Xia Lou

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On My Fingertips

Love the idea of my index finger serving as a phone and the Nokia FIT. Hands-free Headphones is all about that! Crafted from soft silicone and flexible rubber, the phone is waterproof and has basic functions of texting and talking. Notifications are received through vibrations and the ergonomic design makes all the buttons accessible. Take it along for a dip in the pool or keep it wrapped around the finger, as the phone is extremely lightweight.

Designer: Issam Trabelsi

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کمربند خود را ببندید تا موبایلتان شارژ شود!

Designer: JeongLan Park

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۳*۱ (ترکیب میز و صندلی)

Designer : Claudio Sibille

Twins Coffee Table/Lounge Chairs by Claudio Sibille

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کمد چند طبقه

Designer : Meike Harde

Stockwerk Foldable Shelf by Meike Harde


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از اینجا آپلود کنید

طرح های خلاقانتونو از اینجا واسه ما بفرستین
در صورتی که پس از 2 روز طرح شما در سایت قرار داده نشد، می توانید آنرا به ایمیل ارسال نمایید.